Wise & Well         Sentient Reiki

 Pet Reiki at Your Property


I can assist issues your animal maybe experiencing or discomfort from either an injury, emotional, trauma, anxiety, psychological or simply not settling in to a new environment.

Tanran Reiki creates peace and wellbeing through 

energy healing. Channelled through unconditional love, and non contraindicative to any other modalities you are also applying for your pets wellbeing or recovery.  

A Space for You to Heal

Tanran Reiki invites you into tranquility & peace through unconditional love and non judgement.

In a sacred space you can  leave behind your daily mindset and come into an energy aura for yourself to relax, unwind, heal and refresh.

Teal will balance your Chakras to clear pooled energy not flowing or serving you in wellness. Generating a fresh clearer space for you to move forward within.

Alpaca Reiki Session in the Paddock 

Loving energy of alpaca will guide you in an outdoor

Reiki experience.

Enjoy the peace and serenity of their company as they meditate whilst you receive from both the alpacas and Reiki Master.

These sessions are one person per session. 

Free  Introduction - 20mins.