Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga. It is a combination of pilates, yoga, aerial silk ( Pink ) and fitness whilst in the air.

‚ÄčThis technique increases strength whilst stretching and producing a fitness level that is so beneficial to your body mind and spirit.

Inverting in Aerial Yoga assists with toxin release through lymph nodes. Sometimes thesenodes need different movement to get them moving correctly. The brain cells are also refreshed with nutrition and oxygen, assisting a better functioning brain.

The body is energised by the movement of blood around extremities, also giving your organs a refreshing workout and renewal of blood to them. 

Anti-aging also takes place by hanging in silk and allowing fresh blood to your face and toning your skin. Your lengthening of your body in anti gravity allows energy into your vertebrae between your discs and assists in slowing the shrinking process as we age. 

Many benefits are to our advantage for health and wellbeing with aerial yoga.