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Animal Protein For Anti – Aging

Your Body Needs Animal Protein

I recently came across Dr Gabrielle Lyon, whilst researching other health matters within our body. Her training and research of our body's requirement for protein, is in perfect alignment to my personal belief.

I was extremely glad to learn the vital requirements of an aging bodies need for protein. The reason for this, is my recent observations of people aging and going off meat. 

I have been watching one who doesn't desire to eat, and noticed severe decrease of weight. But also  deterioration of muscle mass and bone control due to no strength. The location on this persons body which was evident of weakness has increased immensley. The inner thigh muscles are no longer able to keep the hip, knee and second toe alignment. The adductors have given up.Other muscles are also weak with injuries ocurring rapidly due to no animal protein.

Body Eats its Own Muscles

The other observation is vegan,  I am watching the same happen in that person too. Despite there is another medical condition going on.  I energetically feel this person is starving of iron, amino's and all that animal protein. That persons body is also eating its own protein muscle mass too. 

This reflects my exact experience of my dancing days and vegetarian diet and my body eating its own protein to survive.  Plant based protein no matter how careful to be sure the right proteins are ingested, has no comparison to animal proteins and amino acids. I know, I experienced it. There are also many others experiencing the same too, after a long time on plant based diets.

Daily Protein Frequency 

Jumping back to aging bodies, proteins and frequency. I reflect on all the aging people I privately chauffeured and took care of. This protein deficiency is relevant in all my clients I can remember, who were fragile, unstable on their feet and losing cognitive abilities.

According to Dr Lyons, protein divided 3 times a day, with a good 4 hour minimum of fasting between ( meaning, no snacking ) will supply the body consistantly through out the day. The body needs more than one pep up of protein a day. It requires the protein uptake at regular intervals because it uses it each time we eat protein. So if we are not supplying animal protein in each meal, then we are actually starving the body of essential requirements to function at maximum capacity. 

Protein Serving Size

Dr Gabrielle Lyons, recommends for women a 30 to 35 gram serving portions, 3 times a day. For men Approx to 50 grams per serve 3 times per day. This is dependant on the amount of physical energy output of both male and female. If your training hard, then perhaps higher. 

For the aging population this is going to improve their capacity to continue doing more for longer without reducing to being frail and inactive in younger years than we are seeing in our society.

I highly recommend watching the interview about Muscle Growth Science and learning for yourself and to help others as well. There is more information regarding amino acids and their jobs within protein, which is very informative.



video link to Dr Gabrielle Lyon.