Animal Bioptron Therapy

 Animal Bioptron Therapy. 

Animal Therapy using Bioptron Light Therapy and Colour Therapy lenses to assist in cell regeneration. Healing via cell regeneration to overcome skin conditions, muscle injuries and even depression , when your pet is down. Blue light is very effective in changing how they feel. Red light lense is extremely helpful in speeding up wounds from either surgery or accidents. Especially when horses snag their body against fences. 

The natural light heals incredibly efficiently for inflammation and chronic pain or arthritis. All the colours of the lenses represent the Chakra System and this is also beneficial to our pets. 

We also use Scenar Therapy to allocate the original location of undetected areas via sight. Through vibration of the Scenar the device will rebalance the required area to be treated with stimulations similar to Tens but far more effective. 

Eye sight was saved on the Cria below with Bioptron Light Therapy when he was born in a faeces pile in a paddock and his eyes were severely inflamed. This baby was found the following day after birth through the night and infection had set in ferociously. We thought he would lose sight in both eyes. After 3 treatments we saved his sight in one eye. He is now a jolly happy vastly growing boy enjoying life!

The Arctic Wolf suffered with skin lesions deriving from Liver Cancer. The cancer was advanced, but we were able to close up the lesions with light therapy for him to live to a very good age of 12 years. His arthritic hips due to old age were also assisted by Bioptron Light Therapy. 

Not always being able to save every animal but in a position to make them comfortable and generate a coping mechanism without drugs is a path of a very grateful pet. 

We come to you with our device to treat your pet in the comfort of their own known environment.