Our Body Challenge

30 Day Plan to Create a New You

  Refresh Your Body !

Take the 30 Day Plan by Dr Christina Rahm and take back your health and fitness back. Change your biological age by regenerating healthier cells. 

As you embark to challenge, the changes will occur and encourage you to continue to improve not only your personal appearance but also your mental, emotional, outlook on life in wellness. 

Peter & Teal in the photo took a Body For Life challenge in our 30s. We were healthy, active and fit. The results of 90 days challenging ourselves showed us how much more we could do for our selves and the results speak for themselves. 

We will guide you and assist you through your program on The Rahm Effect app. Download it to your device. Its Free !

  The Rahm Effect ! 

Welcome to the Rahm Effect, a 30-day wellness program that incorporates various practices with the assistance of nutraceuticals to support people with creating greatness in their lives. 

Our program aims to provide a clear check- list of practices to incorporate into your everyday life.

By following our program, you will end the month with a stronger body in a physical, mental, and health sense.

 Our goal is to provide you with habits that you can carry with you into the future.

Your exploration into the Rahm Effect, will provide you with a template to begin the life you’ve always dreamed of living!