We are Holistic Health Conscious Intuitives.

We enjoy a good laugh and don’t take life too seriously & love to work from our Serene Space to Exercise & Rehabilitate our clients.

Exercise with us, we are fit and healthy and live what we teach.. Training in Aerial Yoga, Core Yoga, Pilates – Mat – Wunder Chair.

Sports Kinesiology Training is a super way to get strength quickly and to build your body fast in a very skilful and safe way. Feel the difference to train on our private property with one on one personal tuition and guidance.

No fuss environment with authentic people who are genuinely interested in your outcome. A full assessment is important, for us to understand your body and how it moves, or perhaps doesn’t move. Your sessions are guided to advance as your body allows you to do so.

If you have any questions about our training please reach out and we will respond. Look forward to hearing from you.

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