Frequency Healing is the Medicine of the Future. 

 Vibration, Light & Crystal Healing can accelerate recovery time in muscle injuries, wounds, emotional trauma and physical ailments.

Bioptrons scientific device from Switzerland creates light frequency through your cells. Stimulating cells to wake up and remember how to repair and recover. Restructuring Coherent and Incoherent Light waves to delve deep into your body structure.

Vibrational therapy with Scenar from Russian Scientists, rebalances your system into homeostasis. This occurs by the frequency of vibration affecting the water we carry throughout our body and restructuring the water in our cells. This actives healing and repair. 

Both of these techniques together are none invasive. So gentle and soothing it induces sleep and relaxation. Combined with Ulm Healing Blanket covering you during treatment, this will stabilise the effects of EMFs.

Electromagnetic Fields can be invasive and change our DNA and cells into ill health. The Ulm blanket is a treatment of being wrapped  during the session and stopping EMFs from further entering. The energy in your body whilst wrapped has a chance to go to work and do good for you. Extremely Soothing Experience!