Energy Healing


                                                            Energy Healing with Nature - Our Past & Future

Nature is where we derive and where our answers are, to everything. As society moved away from natural sources, we  became a sick society, we poisoned our environment and all creatures around us. The more we infuse or ingest manmade concoctions not based on holistic growth from the soil up, the greater the illness of humankind and animal kingdom.

Deformities in life show us our illness of neglect to follow nature and her path. When we deny to follow, our DNA is deformed and misaligned. Our body breaks down and we wonder why !

Injuries occur, illness sets in, cells mutate. It all starts by our stomach and the air we breath. If its toxic, then you will follow in toxicity. The race is on now to fight against another invasion to our health and that is Electromagnetic Fields ( EMF,s ) It is a serious issue we need to be addressing in our very home and the devices we use daily and rely on.

The importance to Be Well & Stay Well is the new Super Highway in the Race of Life!  Doing something for yourself daily is the KEY to maintaining and staying on top. What are you doing for your Wellness of SelfWise & Well is focused on educating those willing to be ahead with Health !