What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese Technique of energy healing. It was  re - discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1800s. The lineage of Reiki that Wise & Well has studied and is attuned through is Tanran Reiki. 

This method of Reiki has flowed down the lineage from Dr Usui to William Bagley whom founded Tanran Reiki. William has based Tanran Reiki on a 25 point principle of guiding Reiki Practitioners ethically and through a code of ethics to serve in the highest good for all. 

The energy we work with in Tanran Reiki comes through unconditional love, we also conduct ourselves in non judgement.

As a practitioner in Tanran Reiki, we do not diagnose or treat in our sessions. We allow the pure intelligent energy to work with each client as it needs to. Our hands are guided as to where the healing is required. Each practitioner has different styles of working with energy, some have hands on and others have hands off the body. 

Reiki has many aspects of healing with each person. Through my own personal experience I have felt emotional healing, physical healing with injuries and migraines, my sleep has improved so deeply that I no longer have insomnia.My meditation is peaceful and easier, also my spirituality has grown. I am more content in my life

Reiki can assist other modalities and treatments you maybe seeking in either alternative or medically. It is non contraindicative as it can not harm. It is purely energy, loving energy which is channelled through me to you or your pet in need.

A Reiki Master is the only person who can attune a practitioner to Reiki energy. This attunement is for life, it maybe used as a practitioner or not. Anyone can be attuned to Reiki, if they wish to apply Reiki to themselves or friends and family. 

There are different levels of attunements for the purpose in which a person chooses. 

Either personal, Reiki Practitioner and or Reiki Master.

Reiki is a wholesome way of living with Nature, Animals and Humanity.

The Foundation of Reiki

  • :: Just for Today :: 
  • Do not be angry.
  • Do not worry.
  • Be filled with gratitude.
  • Devote yourself to your work..
  • Be kind to people .