How Light Therapy Works

 How Bioptron Light Therapy Works

 Bioptron is The Leader in Light Healing Therapy  Bioptrons’ Medical Light Therapy Technologysupply light with the following features

Polarized                     Polychromatic

Incoherent                Low Energy Linear Polarized Light waves move on parallel planes.The Brewster’s mirror, a multi-layered optical system,provides 95% of Bioptron Light’s polarization.BIOPTRON Light ensures optimal penetration of tissuesto stimulate the immune system for faster and more effective healing.   


      Polychromatic Light (various colours 480-3400NM)

A broad range of wavelengths from 480 to 3400 nm,

containing the color range of visible light wavelengths

plus a part of the infrared spectrum.

Different light wavelengths penetrate the skin at different

depths, activating cells, accelerating local blood circulation

and stimulating the whole body’s regenerative processes.

UV – free. No risk of adverse effects.


Incoherent Light

Bioptron Incoherent Light contributes to faster, safe,

painless and effective healing.

Coherent Light = High intensity laser light. Highly risky.

May damage tissues

Incoherent Light = Soft, low intensivity light. No known side effects.

Dynamic penetration. No risk of damaging tissues

Low Energy Light. Stimulates the natural healing process.Allows precise dosing. Has a consistent & steady intensity of2.4J/cm2 per minute (safe dose of light)

BIOPTRON’s patented and unique combination of light features

stimulates and accelerates healing and recovery.