sports kinesiology

Sports Kinesiology has a very powerful ability to heal many issues in our body either physical, emotional or spiritual.

Our body functions like an electrical circuit board. When energy isn't conveying clearly to the next location, we have a malfunction. Presenting itself through injury, illness, emotional, hormonal, insomnia, diabetes etc.

This energy field can be interrupted by Electro Magnetic Fields ( EMF's ). Our food and water type also interferes with our wellness and can affect how the body and mind perform.

Through our modality of Sports Kinesiology we are able to detect which pathway is blocked and rebalance that current flow so it performs at its maximum output again. This is a non invasive treatment, very relaxing and clearing at the same time.

Comfortable clothing is worn, our environment is peaceful and serene. Some of our consultations can be performed by phone with counselling & advice as a follow up to a treatment.


Diploma of Sports Kinesiology incorporating Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, Massage, Breathing Techniques, Energy Clearing, Specific Sports Training.