Our Zoo - Bill & Coo

A zoo of Alpacas, Equine, Feline, Canine and Ducks. 

Recently experienced our horses suffering with Laminitis after being agisted on land grown out for cattle fattening. Different grasses and not suitable for horses. They were over weight and could barely walk. The hooves were growing at horrid angles and they were suffering. I brought them home onto no grass and fed them Bill & Coo. 

Removing Lucerne from their diet and only feeding Oaten Chaff which was wetted down with a mix of all the Bill & Coo formulas. I also added fresh Aloe Vera everyday and blended together with double filtered and vortexed water into the chaff. 

It has been a very slow process but again it is nutrition and you must keep up with the routine to see change occur. They have all lost weight, their hooves have corrected and they are back to being cheeky monkeys.

Alaskan Malamute we rescued a few years ago and his faeces were not looking healthy and for a young wolf his energy was also low. 

A short time on Bill & Coo and those changes were very evident. He runs up a mountain on his walks, he just wants to go. The other end is very healthy too. 

One of our felines is a Bengal and delightful appetite. Must always indulge in our meals as she is very gourmet. However if she eats cat biscuits she develops allergies with running eye and smelly breath. Meat is their diet not carbs. Alas the daily routine of hiding Bill & Coo in her food has her eyes clear, bright and dry with no smelly mouth. 

Her energy has also increased and now thinks she is a kitten whilst keeping up with a rescued Kitten..

Feed our loved ones Nutrition, they/we deserve it...!!!