Healing Room Reiki

Visiting our healing room is an opportunity to take time for you. Where you leave behind your life of your day to simply gift yourself some well deserved love. This is a space in your time to stop everything and come inside to a room of peace, tranquility, harmony and loving energy to heal within.

Wear your most comfortable clothes that you would be happy to curl up in at home. Comfort is important for you to relax. Bring warm socks as no shoes are worn indoors.

 Experience our healing blanket whilst you lay in a crystal room of serenity and ambience. The healing blanket will remove the external stresses of electromagnetic energy from your body, whist receiving a Reiki Chakra Balance.  

This session is for you to heal alone, in your time and in our sacred space we have created. 

Session is for 1 hour. $110

Payment is due when booking

Non refundable Fee: $55.