Paddock Reiki

Paddock Reiki is an opportunity to receive Reiki from Sentient beings. Alpacas & Horses are our herd who share their healing in Reiki energy naturally. We have two matured Hembra Alpacas who will relax with you whilst you receive Reiki from them and from Reiki Master Teal.

We have 3 miniature ponies whom are also Reiki Masters as well as a family of baby BamBam, mama Boel & papa Bubbles. They will lovingly share their Reiki with you also whilst receiving Reiki from Teal.

You can choose to lay on a massage table in the corral, a chair or stand for your session. Choice would be Alpacas or Horses, not combined.

Sessions are for individuals only. If you are interested in experiencing with a friend or family member, this can be arranged locally on another farm. 

Comfortable clothing, protective footwear ( no steel caps ) and water for hydration.

Session is for 1 hour. $ 150    

Payment is due when booking.

Non refundable Fee : $ 55