Travel Reiki

Tanran Reiki will travel to you for your pets. Travelling to your pet allows for comfort of your animals surroundings. This assists them more with Reiki, by removing the stress and anxiety of them being home.

Upon my arrival it is helpful if your pet is in its comfort zone without any other pets around. A quiet place is important without distractions, as Reiki is in peace, calm and quiet for both the animal and for me to channel the energy.

If your pet is a larger animal, having them ready in a corral or paddock separated from a herd is creating the right healing space for your pet. Neighbouring over the fence with your herd is fine. 

It is imperative there are provisions for your pet to have access to water at all times whilst Reiki is channelled, as they need to remain hydrated.

The cost of travel to and from is included in the fee for travel up to 30 mins from our office. Longer distances according to travel time will be costed in.

Session is for 1 hour. $250  

Payment is due when booking.

Non refundable fee: $75