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Shungite & EMF’s

Shungite is a mineral found only in Karelia in Russia. It is a great protector of EMF's ( electromagnetic fields ). This mineral can absorb up to 98% of Electro radiation. It is the most highly effective mineral in absorption.

There are 2 types of Shungite.

Type 1 Shungite is Elite Shungite known as Noble or Type 1. It is the scarcest type mined and only about 1 %. The content of Fullerenes is highest in quantity per mass than Type 2 Shungite. Our piece of type 1 has an appearance of a shiny metallic look to it and very polished by nature. Apparently, it isn't possible to polish this Type 1 due to its shiny composition. Not that you would want to as it is extremely beautiful. This type is also more expensive.

Type 2 Shungite is carbon like in texture, looks and feel. It is quite charcoal like to touch, with residues on your hands after handling. This type is possible to shape and carve into pyramids, cubes, and spheres. I have also seen it carved into beautiful pieces to wear or as ornaments. Pyrite can be seen through this Shungite when it is unpolished, but I have seen it also in the polished pieces too.

Having a piece polished or unpolished doesn't affect the efficiency of its protection. Though my supplier has tested the frequency of protection from EMF's by polishing a pyramid and an unpolished pyramid. His results found there was a slightly higher benefit in unpolished.

Due to this experiment, we have the unpolished pyramids sitting beside or on top of the cords leading into our modem, router, and our laptops. We also have one in our healing studio and anywhere else we feel EMF's would be higher. Like the room next to where your electricity meter box attaches to the wall. That room is always higher in EMF's.

Shungite Healing Rooms of Russia.

In Russia, these rooms have many healing aspects. Apart from EMF protection, they are also used for Spiritual Healing, Psychological and Physical Rehabilitation. They can also correct the BioEnergy Field of a person.
The walls and floors and are tiled in Shungite and are exquisitely beautiful. Shungite Healing Rooms have been shown to improve recovery time after surgery. The other health conditions known to improve are blood pressure, metabolism and blood circulation.

I am sure there would be an enormous amount of healing benefits beyond the research we have taken to bring you this snippet.

Create Your Shungite Room

If traveling to Russia isn't a possibility then you can add the powder to your paint and furnish your walls in Shungite paint. Leave any electrics out of that room as this will defeat the purpose.

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