Therapies available through Wise & Well include Energetic Healing via Sports Kinesiology,

Holistic Kinesiology also Bioptron Light & Colour Therapy.

These modalities assist in many conditions and issues all related to the healthy functioning

of the body mind and spirit.

The energy blockages in the body & soul affects our physical performance on a daily

basis, whether you are an active fit sports person or a sedentary type of person.

Illness & injuries form and shape us in many ways that most have no understanding

of the origin of these conditions..We could be affected by the quality of food and water,

electro magnetic fields by exposure to phones, wi fi, radio waves, microwaves, tv and

any other types of normal transmissions in our life.

This all blocks the energy pathways in our body creating unwellness.


Wise & Well takes into account all aspects of your daily life, activity, exposure and

consumption to change, repair and improve your health. We treat you with an experience

which opens your mind, clears your blocked energy and allows you to begin to learn new

ways of being well and fit within your own range.


Personal Training is available on all levels of fitness through Sports Kinesiology and Pilates.