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Vegetarian or Vegan- It’s Your Choice

Vegetarian or Vegan - It's Your Choice 

It is completely anyone's choice and I totally believe in this for everyone.

Today I am sharing my personal experience of being a vegetarian for 14 years and how I felt fabulous to begin with but in the end, I was very sick. I was fanatic about my food and vitamins and exercise and I was a classical ballet dancer, a runner, a mad snorkeler and bounced around everywhere. The energy coming out of my body was phenomenal.

But it all came to a crashing halt which opened my eyes to me not being the right TYPE to be a vegetarian. My energy dropped, I couldn't stay awake throughout the day, my gut was bloated and I felt like rubbish... The complete opposite of how I had been feeling before as fabulous in health and fitness.

This happened to me in 1990 and I was only 28 years of age. I visited my GP / Natural Therapist and was told by her I had to start eating meat as my body was eating its own muscle mass for protein. As shocked as I was and mentally refusing the " eat meat " instruction, I knew I had been craving red meat and its juices ( secretly to myself ). I was advised and given a referral for Colonic Therapy to clear my intestinal tract for blockages or bacteria.

I booked my appointment and was getting out of our limousine when I collapsed in a screaming heap in my boyfriends' arms at the colonic clinic.

This led me down a rabbit warren of healing after a multitude of colonic washes per week for 6 weeks. But! I felt amazing after it, along with probiotics and eating red meat. It was a very slow recovery though, I admit. I got there in the end.

Blood Types for Vegans or Vegetarians

Now I hadn't thought any more about it, until recently ( 2019 ), when I queried my mind on others experiences, being vegetarian or vegan and the effects long term. I did my research on YouTube. I was surprised to find how many others had suffered as I had done also.

Personally, I believe my experience had to do with my blood type. I know there are many opinions on blood types and whether or not foods affect types.

BUT... My Blood Type happens to be O +. This = Hunter-Gatherer and definitely in my family heritage

O+ is very much a blood type requiring the Iron from red meat. Not all blood types are as hungry for this as O+ so they can manage a lot better than my type.

I also had very painful periods with cramps and would manage them with my ballet stretches where it was possible otherwise hot water bottles. Alas when I started eating the red meat again, it disappeared and never had a problem again. I have also entered menopause some years ago and do not have any problems other than the normal flushes. They are dependant on what I eat and drink.

Check in with your blood type if you are experiencing health issues and research to see if there is a similarity between you and others with their
situation. I feel the big alarm for me was when I noticed I was craving meat, I had previously wanted to vomit at the smell of meat. The sight of it was fine, didn't bother me, but I was affected by smell. When that sense stopped and I wanted to consume it, that was a screaming red flag...

For some vegans, they need to add eggs to their diet and as raw ingestion. An egg is a good balance between red meat and fish. Fish uses Manganese for their blood and red meat uses iron for its blood. An egg is a mixture of the two. Eating fish alone for protein will feed your brain but it won't feed your blood, which requires iron. Whereas red meat will feed the blood. Of Course!

I highly recommend viewing
Dr. Angela Longo interviewed by Lilou Mace. Her information is vitally important with science and Chinese Medicine and philosophy, verifying the blood types and diets.

Our diet habits/practice are purely our choices and I accept this as I have been down this road of choice. However, I discovered along the way that there were nutritional deficiencies for me not eating red meat. My information is to help others who may be experiencing the same.

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