Structured water is water that has been activated or energised to permanently hold a

negative voltage (- millivolts).  Water structuring occurs in nature when water moves

in a natural flow of vortexes (left and right turning or anti-clockwise and clockwise

turning).  Most wild (pristine) rivers and some springs produce structured water in

the presence of sunlight energy and natural biological conditions.  Electrical storm

water is in an energised, negative voltage form before it hits the ground, a surface,

or comes into contact with air particles (eg, smog).  Some spring waters are also

energised through contact with magnetic forces in the groundwater rock strata.

Most water that humans and domestic animals now utilise is toxic.  This toxic

water includes rainwater exposed to air pollution, contaminated soil water (soil

water for plants), and water held in dams, tanks and pipes.  The limited availability

of clean, structured water is now a major limitation to a healthy life

Phión MEA water technology restores and energises water, enabling water to dance

a vortex frequency that frees and neutralises the water of its past, vibrational memory

(ie. exposure to human made toxins in soil, water bodies and air). This technology

literally reorganises the molecular structure of the toxins into life giving molecules,

returning the water to its natural, negatively structured state where it is free of its toxic

load.  Through MEA technology, water stored in human-made structures (such as dams,

tanks, pipes, ponds, etc.) can be restructured and energised to replicate water cycling

(vortex) processes in nature.