Welcome to Wise and Well Studio.

As Therapists in Sports Kinesiology, Bioptron Light Therapy, Animal Communicator, Aerial Yoga, Core Yoga & Specific Exercise Trainers we have a lot of skills to share.

We have been passionate about health and wellness all our lives. Food and exercise has been key to us living healthy without the need of doctors. As Husband and Wife team we research constantly for new discoveries in keeping the human body Wise and Well.

Our modalities are combined when necessary in treatments to offer you the best advantages to being well and fit for your lifestyle. Sharing with you our knowledge and our practice of being well and mobile is important to us. Your level of fitness & health is where we start, to assist you in the most caring way we know, to advance from where you are at today and into your future.

Wise and Well’s goal in our business is to care for you, nurture you and guide you to become the person you have wanted to be. We encourage you to keep taking steps to improve and to be the best of You.

We also see your pet or livestock as important too. Caring for them is as equally important to us as it is to you. Our Kinesiology skills can also be applied to animals in determining their health care needs. Bioptron Light Therapy also has its place in healing animals for many conditions from skin issues to depression, to injuries to wounds.

If have any questions, even if you think might not be within our field, please reach out and speak with us. You’ll be pleasantly surprised !


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