Wise & Well are husband and wife team, who live by our belief, wellness is created by what you do for yourself. All our lives growing up we have been into fitness and understanding how to improve the body in function and simple daily health.  Our thirst for knowledge led us into the world of study in Anatomy, Corrective Exercise, Movement, Nutrition, Energy, Frequency, Vibration and Light Therapy. Having been personal trainers in fitness and healers in Rehabilitation with Sports Kinesiology and many exercise modalities. We have moved deeper into the Spiritual World of Health & Repair. Combining all our techniques to rehabilitate our clients from pain, ill health and emotional disorders.

We are a healing studio, regenerating cell repair. In tissues, muscles, joints, physical, psychological, cosmetology & energy. Using Light, Vibration, Frequency, Sport Kinesiology, Nutrition and Corrective Exercise Techniques  to provide an outcome of positive change and lasting effects. We offer a very different experience ! Healing is about being responsible within our daily routine for ourself.Our purpose is to teach you how to do this from home without being complicated. Learn from those whom apply to themselves!

 We assist pain through lymphatic release of toxins, holistic foods,  corrective exercise patterns, education of water quality and its purpose in healing.Our treatments are simple and uncomplicated. Providing quick effective results with easy education to understanding your condition.Take home self care knowledge after a treatment with us, accelerates your healing process by your application. We provide online services to continue your wellness and repair. Helping you treat yourself from home on a daily basis.

Health Care is our individual responsibility.