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Energy Healing & Quantumceuticals

About Us

We are evolving Energy Healers. Studying, researching and training in Feeling Great, for what seems a lifetime. Always looking for the newest and best nutrition. 

As a Sports Kinesiologist & Reiki Master for all Sentients we start first with your nutrition and energy levels. Starting with your gut health is imperative to be Amazing!.  

As a couple we are genuinely concerned with providing guidance and coaching in your basics of health from gut brain to muscles and joints all communicating effectively.

Start from the Root to be your best. You need to sleep restfully, wake energetically, be clear thinking and focused all day. Glide through tough situations, forget what depression ever felt like and feel stress free and Live and Love Life Everyday.

Qualified in Pilates, Core Yoga, Classical Ballet, Personal Trainer and Holistic/ Sports Kinesiology and more, has given us a wonderful back drop to improving health.  

Please listen to Dr Christina Rahms video above and learn the difference in True Health & Greatness. 

Our Services


Enjoy the beautiful spiritual healing of Reiki. Animals love the serenity and so will you.

Relax in a peaceful space and allow the energy to work with you through the Reiki Master.


Sports Kinesiology will assist with finding the cause of issues via muscle monitoring. Remote Kinesiology is as effective as in immediate person. 

Gentle energy healing within.


Do wish to feel Amazing & Fabulous !? Sleep well, wake with energy to bouce through the day. Wish to think clear and no fog  without being jittery and anxious.? Walk with Us..


What is Clean Slate

Anti- Cancer Properties of Restore

Autism & The Spectrum


Dementia - Parkinsons - MS





Epstein Barr- Lymes -Mecury Breast Plant Toxins

Gut Health

Hair Loss

Heavy Metals

Serotonin & Dopamine