Wise & Well grows with the advancement of Life on Earth. 

 Changes occur rapidly around us, for us to be our best in wellness, nutrition and technology.

 We are constantly reaching higher in science and purity. 

Humanity is upgrading and we are here to assist with the upgrade. 

Galactic Med beds due for release in 2025-26 to repair damage to DNA

will be the Quantum advancement required to make changes never experienced on earth in our time. 

Our bodies always require nutrition before and after Med Beds as Nutrition is key to our DNA to be perfect frequency.  

We partnered with The Root Brands founder Clayton Thomas & Nano Bio Science Engineer formulator Dr Christina Rahm.

Our research for the cleanest and most advanced nutrition is Root.

Derived from Gods Garden.

Dr Christina Rahm
Humanitarian BioScience Engineer  

Quantum Nutrition by Dr Christina Rahm has changed our body mind and spirit in  the most beneficial ways unimaginable. As Frequency therapists we have always sort nutrition in what we eat, drink, breathe and grow. No other supplement nutrition has made us feel and perform like Dr Rahms formulas made for Root Brands do.

Bill & Coo nutrition for Pets formulated by Dr Rahm has changed the health of our 2 & 4 legged pets. We have had huge changes in Laminitis in our miniature ponies. Weeping eyes dried up in Felines, Canine is bouncing with too much energy. More of our experiences with our pets to share.