Dr Christina Rahm amplifies nature in her products to be so powerful to remove what does not belong in our cells. 

Perhaps we have inherited toxins from the womb, our environment and what we consume. There is no escape from all the toxins we are exposed to.

The products developed by Dr Christina are the cleanest ingredients extensively researched and tested.

The removal of heavy metals, glyphosate, molds and toxins are imperative to cleaning the body and Pineal Gland. 

 The brain gut and pineal connection are important pathways to function at premium level. 

When these paths are at peak performance, you discover the best of yourself you may not have known before.

Energy levels improve immensley, sleep becomes true sleep which is rich and nourishing and waking up is a pure joy to start your day. 

Focus and concentration is at supreme altitude and everything falls into place throughout your day without effort.

Dopamine and Seratonin pathways are balanced and communicating correctly.

Your body begins to feel younger and the pain can actually start reducing or even leave the body.

All of this achieved by Dr Christina's incredible understanding of the energy paths of the body, mind and spirit via frequency.

1) Clean Slate Remove and decalcify the Pineal Gland and clean the cells.

2) Restore the gut and support any leaking issues whilst replenishing with nutrients that are missing.

3) Zero In  creates an effective Brain Gut communication pathway and assists in clearer thinking.

4) Re Live Greens replenish your health with prebiotics, probiotics, fruit & vegetables & strengthen your immune system.

5) Natural Barrier Support  protect against infections & inflammatory disease, and your immune system with Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc.

These are all the protocols to feel Simply Incredibly Well.