Kinesiology - Remote

Currently not Treating,

Phone Consults only.

3Remote Kinesiology is very powerful in healing long distance. Energy healing can work anywhere in the world.

Peter is a Sports Kinesiologist and a Holistic Kinesiologist. Specialising in many aspects of cellular & frequency wellness and injuries.

How does Remote work?

Remote is working with a surrogate person to energetically sense the person requiring treatment. 

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an energy healing modality facilitated by using muscles to read the body's energy system. This is exercised by using a muscle to test for the positive or negative reaction to a question asked of the body. Muscles hold your whole life of information of everything that has occurred in your life and also your past life. By simply asking a question to your body, your muscle will react. Either a strong or a weak response will occur which signals the answer to the question asked. The question need not be asked loud but also silently by the Kinesiologist.

By using this system of reading, Peter can ascertain your body's needs in nutrition, exercise or rest. Hence his experience in Sports Kinesiology will also benefit those needing to strengthen, build or stretch their body. Either gentle exercise or Peak training. 

Not only is Kinesiology able to create a stronger and fitter body, this energy modality will also define other health issues within the system.


It is important to understand we do not treat, diagnose or cure. Kinesiology simply finds where the system requires assistance. 

Please seek your health consultant for medical help.

What are my requirements for a session?

A peaceful space without interuptions by anyone including the loved pets. A relaxed space and comfortable clothing .

 Plenty of filtered water to be drunk before a session. No caffeine or alcohol or smoking. We need to be able to read your body without these substances.  

Payment is due when booking. 

$ 55  for 30 min