Journey en Root

In the year 2019 when the world began to show its true colours and obvious madness set in. We as healers in Kinesiology and Reiki were throwing our hands in the air about Sun and Nutrition not being the first point of call to assist illness. 

Venturing down the rabbit hole Teal knew everything was all back to front and humanity needed help. Asking the Universe for the correct nutrition to help humanity I was being shown the Root Brands.  3 times Teal asked the universe and 3 times I was shown Root.
Researching into the company of Clayton Thomas and the formulator Dr Christina Rahm, I was surprised to find Integrity, Honesty, Love and True Science by the most highly qualified Nano- Bio Science Engineer.

Trinity pack to the rescue and we have not looked back since Dec 2020.

For us personally we have clarity, energy, focus , drive and ambition and great sleep to keep going. This is all attributed to Root formulas. We all know how hard day to day has been since 2019. Our days would not start well if we did not have Root formulas from breakfast to evening.  

Looking after ourselves is not hard, we simply just need to love who we are and do many things everyday involving taking care of our body. When we do these simply steps as a routine we then find our mind improves and our attitude toward each day also improves.
Did I mention Dr Rahm infuses frequency into her formulas? They are intuitive too. Our body tells us how much of which nutrient it requires each day..

All we need to do is Listen to Our Body..!!!